‘Pai Faena S.r.l.’ was formed in 2002. Its principal asset is a small estate acquired the following year in the commune of Monte Castello di Vibio.

Monte Castello di Vibio is a medieval hill town overlooking the, fertile valley where the Tiber flows through the region of Umbria in central Italy. Home to just 1600 people the town hosts a annual summer school of painting, drawing and sculpture. Here can be found the world’s smallest private gallery and the smallest public theatre which has just ‘99 seats for dreaming’. The estate is

located on a hillside just below the town with breathtaking views of the valley of the Tiber and the distant Apennines. The hillside and the stream are named after the ‘faena’ - stone martens - that still live on the wooded slopes of the valley away from centres of habitation.

The aims of the company are to maintain, modernise and develop the house and other buildings and the vineyards, olive groves, nut groves, plantations and native woodlands of the estate, and to market the produce in Italy and elsewhere in the European Union.

The estate has extensive facilities for wine making and an important part of the development plan is devoted to producing, bottling and marketing fine wines made from grapes grown on the estate. Another part of the plan is devoted to the expansion of the existing olive groves and the bottling and marketing of extra virgin olive oil pressed from those olives.
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